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CNG Dispenser

cng dispenser


*L-type and H-type design

*Coriolis-type Mass Flow Meter

*All with safety valves and break-away valves

*Equipped with management system, controlled by computer

*Can connect with POS and IC card readers

*Strict factory test


Adaptable Medium:  CNG

Max Working Pressure: 25MPa

Specified Pressure: 20MPa

Measure Accuracy:  ±0.5%

Repeat Measure Accuracy: 1/2 of measurement accuracy

Unit of Measurement:  Kg or Nm³

Pulling of strength of break-away valve:  ≥400N

Environmental Temperature:-25~55

Environmental Humidity:  30 ~ 95% RH

Power: AC 220 V (-15% ~ 10%) / 50 Hz (±1 Hz)

Explosion-Proof Grade:  Exdeibmb II AT4 Gb(Dispenser CNG)

Explosion-Proof Grade:  Exdeibmb II BT4 Gb(Loading and Unloading CNG dispenser)

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