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List of Censtar compressor

List of Censtar compressor

Censtar provide a complete set of equipment solutions for all customers. We specialize in

providing professional, high quality CNG equipment and can provide related design and

construction services. From compressors to dryers to dispensers, Censtar has achieved full

industrial chain coverage. We are willing to do our best to provide the most convenient, best

quality and most satisfactory service for all customers.

L-TYPE compressor

Flow capacity: 500-2100m³/h

Motor Power: 45KW-280KW

D-TYPE compressor

Flow capacity: 700-4400m³/h

Motor Power: 55KW-550KW

V-TYPE compressor

Flow capacity: 300-1600m³/h

Motor Power: 25KW-200KW

Censtar Skid compressor

Flow capacity: 150-850 m³/h

Motor Power: 25KW-60KW

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