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LNG dispenser

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LNG dispenser Main features

1.With the functions of quantitative and non-quantitative

2.Through the national explosion-proof detection, With the machine explosion-proof certification, safe and reliable.

3.Machines can choose with vacuum insulation structure and insulation pipeline structure

4.Extensible IC card and printer.

5.The swappable volume measurement and quality measurement.

6.With break away coupling valve, can provide protection function

7.Have the function of pressure and temperature compensation

8.When power off ,can protect the data and data delay display function

9.Can connect to the management system

10.A key can control the precooling and refilling

LNG dispenser technical  parameters

Applicable medium: liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Flow range: 0 ~ 80 kg / min

Measurement accuracy: ±1.0%

Metering repeatability: ±0.5%

Working pressure: 1.6MPa;

Ambient temperature: -30 ° C ~ 55 ° C

Environmental humidity: 90%

Line temperature: -196 °C

Unit of measurement: kg, L, Nm3

Minimum reading value of reading: 0.01 kg, L, Nm3

Cumulative measurement range: 99999999.99kg, L, NNm3

Air hose: 1 inch stainless steel hose 4m

Return air hose: 1/2 inch stainless steel hose 4m

Working power supply: AC 220V50HZ or DC 24V

Machine power consumption: 200W

Explosion-proof grade: explosion-proof ExdeibllBT4 Gb

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